Death comes rippin
My name's Josh. Washington State. Born to thrash. Worship Heavy Metal. Punk Rock. Amateur skateboarder. Anti-Religion. Anarchist.
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George Carlin (via dwsc)

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A person of good intelligence and sensitivity cannot exist in this society very long without having some anger about the inequality - and it’s not just a bleeding-heart, knee-jerk, liberal kind of a thing - it is just a normal human reaction to a nonsensical set of values where we have cinnamon flavored dental floss and there are people sleeping in the street.


Girls skating in the seventies.

Including Laura Thornhill, (mostly), Kim Cespedes, Robin Logan, Ellen-Oneal,

Short shorts, long hair & fancy footwork.

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Anonymous asked: do you have instagram?


Yeah. @thrashinofthechrist_ follow me yo

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